How do we totally transform our brand and our fortunes?


Fashion & apparel retail is one of the toughest markets. The landscape today is incredibly fleeting – from style trends to a constant influx of new competitors and business models to a consumer base that is extremely demanding. Brands in this category must have a clear strategy in place to stay top of mind and relevant.

We worked with the Venus on a total brand transformation. We identified a clear consumer target. Carved out a unique and differentiated brand positioning in a very crowded and complex competitive market. And, delivered a design strategy that guided the transformation of their brand experience.


Recently acquired by BonPrix, Venus wanted to create a brand strategy that would afford them the growth to achieve aggressive performance goals for 2020. After years of volatility, the brand had started moving forward in a positive direction, but they were unclear of who to target and what their positioning should be amongst a heavily competitive market.

It was clear that Venus needed to define and size their achievable market and identify the strongest brand positioning that would resonate with these target consumers. All the while not alienating the loyal consumer base they had worked so hard to achieve.


We started by working with a cross-functional team led by the Executive team to gain a really strong understanding of the business vision.

Using our Growth Map™ process, we built a total fashion category segmentation. By understanding the barriers, drivers, attitudes and behaviors that exist in the category, we could not only identify where to win, but also size the opportunity. This process also highlighted key competitive and white spaces for the Venus brand to occupy. Finally, the dynamic learning that we uncovered also gave us critical insight into how to profile and target these people in Venus’ consumer database.

With a clear target identified, we moved into a brand positioning exercise that sought to find a clear, unique, differentiated and relevant strategy for the Venus brand. A strategy that would give them enough flexibility and adaptability to move with the ever-changing fashion market and grow into over time.

In order to keep the consumer continuously involved in this iterative approach, we then took positioning concepts and territories out to the target consumer and existing Venus consumers. A clear winner emerged from that process.

Finally, our design and strategy team worked hand in hand to produce a final, dynamic brand positioning guide for the Venus team to implement into their everyday work. The design strategy really sought to transform the look and feel of the Venus brand across all moments of the experience.


  • Our work with Venus contributed to an increase in revenues for parent group Bonprix of 3.4% in 2018/19 – all the more impressive in a fashion retail segment under significant pressure.
  • Bonprix group expects further growth to be driven by the Venus brand’s increasing focus on online fashion customers.